Tiger Woods: “Winning Takes Care of Everything” NIKE AD

This can’t be good for press. Once Tiger Woods reclaimed his #1 title, Nike released this ad, with the bold statement “Winning Takes Care of Everything”.

They clarify to say the statement was in response to another competitor’s impact on Tiger Woods’ performance. Really. It doesn’t matter what they say because the audience’s first reaction is that winning takes care of his personal issues (bad publicity).


Beyonce X H&M Summer Campaign

Beyonce X H&M Summer Campaign

Brands are enlisting the help of celebrities to upstream their brands. In the past 2 years there has been many ‘fast fashion’ brands collaborating with high-end fashion brands and getting celebrities to endorse the brand through ad campaigns.

There are supposedly a few benefits:

1. Moves the fast fashion brand upstream with higher price tags for these collaborative pieces
2. Moves the high-end brand down market to become more accessible to a younger demographic with (currently) lower disposable income. Planning for the future when they grow up and have the money spend on brand names.

What do you think? Smart move?

Path 3.0 Bets on Stickers and Stamps

Path 3.0 Bets on Stickers and Stamps

I have altered the title a bit but it is what it is. I saw this article on Co.Design as part of my daily reads and immediately saw the change as taking on the features of an app that is hugely popular in Asia, called “LINE”, which also has stickers, stamps, photo and message sharing. The main difference is that you get some stickers and stamps for free with LINE, making it more of a freemium business model.

So will adding stickers and stamps help to propel Path to the reach the number of users that they need? I doubt it because that isn’t the issue in the first place. We just have too many platforms that we are tied to – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ 

We are tied to these platforms because we have:

  1. Generated a ton of content there which builds our personal “brand”;
  2. Friends and fans on these channels that we don’t want to have to add all over again and;
  3. Inn comparison to other platforms which have “died” over the years, these platforms are continually upgrading their features and functions to keep with the times…which is why they are still relevant.

Over the Top Guerilla Marketing?


Too much? Animal rights activists lie in shrink-wrapped packaging on the street in Barcelona.

They definitely did make a point employing the shock factor but does it have to go so far? It has triggered my thoughts as to this scene being gruesome but has not deterred me from eating a mix of meat and greens…