Pinterest – Continuous User Experience Improvement

I’ve noticed several improvements to the Pinterest interface, all targeted at helping the user navigate the enormous amount of information available on their platform (how many hours do YOU spend scrolling through an insane amount of photos on Pinterest?) 

They make it so easy to discover new content that was previously totally unknown to you. For example, if you “repin” a pin, they immediately tell you who else repinned this and which other boards you should check out – a great way to build an online community and link users to each other. 

Today as I was repinning to my FashionSpread Pinterest account I got a message like this:

ImageEven Pinterest knows I’ve been spending way too much time on there and could be repinning like mad and eventually repin some old pins I have already posted. 

Thanks Pinterest – for continually making my user experience easy. That’s the key word. If you want to build a service that people will stick to, love, and talk about (in a positive way), make their lives easier. 

If you are in any way making life more complicated for them because you want to build something “cool”…I’m sorry, but you’re not going to be in business very long. 



Creating Collaborations That Make Sense – The Amazing Race Canada and Air Canada

Lately everyone’s been talking about The Amazing Race Canada. I personally don’t watch a ton of tv because of my odd working hours but if I’ve heard about it often and seen it playing at restaurants on tvs I assume it’s doing a pretty good job of getting the word out there about the show.

Fast forward to this morning, I receive an email from Air Canada about their “Cheer to Win” contest in partnership with The Amazing Race Canada and CTV. For those of you who have watched The Amazing Race, there are prizes given out to teams that reach the pit stops first, and this “Cheer to Win” contest gives fans an option to win prizes awarded at the pit stops on the show. 

The show airs each week and the Cheer to Win contest also gives away these pit stop prizes each week. 

This is a great way to bring together two brands that make sense. Here’s why:

  1. The Amazing Race Canada’s premise is for teams to travel (quickly) around the country going through obstacles and be the first team to arrive at the pre-selected destinations.
  2. Air Canada is a company that provides air travel throughout the country – so by sponsoring this contest they gain the brand association that they are an option if you want quick, easy, travel to get to your destination. 

When you create brand collaborations you have to make sure there is an alignment between the brands and that all parties involved gain from the partnership. This is one that I’ve found makes sense and integrates different media channels (TV and online) in an easy to interpret way.

While we, as part of the audience, view it as an easy task to put together this promotion (what? It only takes a few emails between executives right?) You would be surprised at how many corporate hurdles they would have had to jump to launch something like this. Often times it’s the people and egos that get in the way, not the simple logistics of implementing the deal (more on this later).

So, there you go – kudos to Air Canada.