Why We Should Listen More


“When you talk you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.” Starting Monday off with a quote to encourage us to listen more. Have a great start to the week everyone!


What is your major definite purpose in life?

We want to do many things in life. Some of us set goals but are they all surrounded around one major definite purpose? For example, if you want to be the world’s best marketer your goals might be:

  1. Consult for at least 5 Fortune 100 companies in the next year;
  2. Have at least 3 campaigns that go viral and exceeds client success metrics in the next year;
  3. Attend one marketing conference per quarter as a speaker to network and meet other awesome marketers.

The list goes on… have you started your list yet?

Are You Busy With the Right Things?

Are You Busy With the Right Things?

Over the weekend I reconnected with a friend of mine who met me through interning for my fashion shows and events. She tells me about her work life now that she’s graduated and working. It seems many 20 and 30 somethings have the same problem. We are BUSY. 

The question is – are you busy with the right things?

What can be classified as right? From my perspective it would be projects, jobs and extracurriculars that make me happier as a person. Pretty simple right? Yet a lot of us find we CHOSE to be stuck with projects, jobs and activities we don’t love. Notice I used the word love and not like – with the limited time in our lifespan I hope you are doing things you LOVE and just merely have an interest in, in which case those would be things you “like”. 

So start making the changes today to make sure all of the activities in your life are aligned to making you a happier person. It’s definitely doable. I made the switch from Finance to Marketing and Fashion, two things I LOVE with a passion. It wasn’t an overnight process but I was willing to pay the price with hard work and I’m just like everybody else in the world. 

Go and shake things up! Happy Monday!

What’s the best that could happen?


We honestly don’t think about this enough. The tendency for most people is to think of the worse that can happen. Lately I’ve been attempting to change this tendency, by wiping negative thoughts from my head and thinking my way to success. Surprise! It’s been working. Try it for yourself and good things will happen!

Are You Ready for Opportunity?

My mom always told me that I have to study hard and improve myself to prepare myself to catch an opportunity when it arrives. I look back at all the things I had never thought I would accomplish in my wildest dreams and realized a lot of it happened because I had prepared myself for it (less consciously than I would like to, but that is part of the growth and learning process [reassuring myself]).

So, I hereby encourage you to consciously prepare yourself for opportunity and success coming your way.

Experiment with Life

We often fall into a routine for living – we get up around the same time everyday, eat the same breakfast, go to work and then come home and lounge around or at best we go out and socialize. This is just a guess of most people’s routine.

The point is, what have you done lately to experiment with life? Take on a new sport? Try new things? Learn a new language? Even wake up earlier in the day to change your sleep schedule?

Shake up the routine and you will be surprised at how refreshed your mind feels. All I had to was go to sleep early, and now I wake up inspired to write in the morning. Big progress comes from small changes – so go ahead, experiment with life!