When I say options I am referring to options we create for ourselves in life. On the drive back from yoga class this morning my friend said she didn’t know what to do with her life(!)

Pretty big question for a 5 minute car ride but here’s how I broke it down for her in terms of how she could process it:

1) come up with all the options available to you.
2) review each option to see what he pros and cons are.
3) play the devil’s advocate, what could go wrong with each option?
4) are your options viable for the long term? Would you regret taking one option over the other? Why? Can you live with it?
5) given your analysis which choice would make you happier in the long term? This is important because you don’t want to be blaming anyone for a choice YOU made. Don’t base your decision on anyone else – just on YOU. What makes you happy and satisfied?


One thought on “Options

  1. nice post! when taking decisions we should always consider both the short and the long term.. things that may give us an instant pleasure or joy might not be the right ones if we consider also the long term consequences! What we should always be striving for is happiness and this should be a key point in every decision we make 🙂

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