Will you succeed at what you want to do? It’s all about ATTITUDE. I met with a recent grad earlier today for coffee – she had reached out to me through her contacts to ask for my “advice” on what to do with her career. YIKES. Always a touchy subject because I feel we all lead different routes and mine is unique and so is hers. I showed up to the meeting with the goal of helping her discover her own path instead of feeling like she should just follow mine.

I asked her about her hobbies, what does she like doing and could keep doing for a VERRRRRY long time? Baking she said. Her doubts then started creeping in.

“I don’t know how I can relate baking to marketing.”

The problem is exactly that. She needs to see it as possible to relate baking to her career. Who said you can’t have a successful career in baking? I may have told her one day she could more famous than Aunt Jemima – the important thing is to follow your heart. Do something that “grinds your gears” (cue Family Guy reference for fans of the show).

She also said she’s stressed out about what direction to take. My response was to take a step in ANY direction, because at least you are MOVING and going somewhere! Being static and stagnant is much worse off than not moving. If you move forward in any direction you will at least discover what you like or don’t like. For anyone trying to figure out their dreams or your calling or simply what you next move should be – just take one step forward, one day at a time.


One thought on “Attitude

  1. Excellent advice, better to move fast, fail fast and learn fast. Only so can we go further in life. We might well have to make turns, but as long as we remain open-minded, progress will greet us on the way.

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