Always Keep Your Class

If you want to be respected, always keep your class (and your cool), no matter the situation.

Scenario: Sitting in a premium fashion retailer I overheard an angry customer going off about not getting service. Let’s lay out the facts first:

It’s around lunch time so the store is bustling with tourists all trying to buy products – so the sales staff are extremely busy.

Here are the words that then came out of this well-dressed, mid-30s ladies mouth:

“I have been here longer than anyone else and have been begging to pay! What? Am I not getting service because I’m a minority?! I’m white? This is terrible!”

Needless to say the other customers are staring at her. She believes that her actions got her the attention that she needed, when in reality others were staring because they didn’t expect a polished lady to say those things. She just lost all respect.

So the next time when you’re angry, don’t say anything on the spot; breathe, think about how big if a fool you’ll look like, before saying anything.

Keep your class. Keep your cool.