You Weren’t Made to Fit a Mold

You weren’t made to fit a mold, and that’s okay.

Growing up we would play puzzle games where we earn points for finding the perfect fit or for matching jewels to the same colour, and were taught to fit circular objects inside circular spaces, and squares inside square spaces. The idea is that everything should fit and conform.

We are in an age where individuals are thriving on finding their irregular edges, the sides of them that don’t conform, that don’t seem to fit the mold, and it’s actually exciting.

Take myself for instance. I am a business owner of a marketing agency, non-profit leader and advocate to create equal opportunities for females in the workplace, and fashion stylist.

You could be an Accountant or Risk Analyst or Programmer/Developer by day, and run a side business baking cakes, creating a ceramics line, or magazine columnist.

You don’t have to be artistic OR academic in this day and age – in fact, most of the new people I met are supremely multi-faceted and it’s fascinating. In 2017, you can be artistic AND academically inclined. For those who have read the book A Whole New Mind by Daniel H. Pink – I believe magic happens when you develop BOTH sides of your brain, the ability to see the abstract and to think in logistical, rational terms lets you strategize AND implement. Be a thinker AND a doer.

So if you are a Financial Analyst and have always wanted to become a freelance Graphics Designer, there is nothing stopping you from doing so. In fact, you will probably find that developing this new dimension of you helps you achieve balance and progress.

So give it some thought today – what do you want to be?


Yesterday You Said Tomorrow.


We have all done it. Procrastinate. Yesterday you said tomorrow. Tomorrow you will say the day after. Why do you procrastinate? Because you are afraid of failing? Or maybe even… afraid of succeeding?

Whatever it is, own it. If you don’t do it. Somebody else will.

Experiment with Life

We often fall into a routine for living – we get up around the same time everyday, eat the same breakfast, go to work and then come home and lounge around or at best we go out and socialize. This is just a guess of most people’s routine.

The point is, what have you done lately to experiment with life? Take on a new sport? Try new things? Learn a new language? Even wake up earlier in the day to change your sleep schedule?

Shake up the routine and you will be surprised at how refreshed your mind feels. All I had to was go to sleep early, and now I wake up inspired to write in the morning. Big progress comes from small changes – so go ahead, experiment with life!



When I say options I am referring to options we create for ourselves in life. On the drive back from yoga class this morning my friend said she didn’t know what to do with her life(!)

Pretty big question for a 5 minute car ride but here’s how I broke it down for her in terms of how she could process it:

1) come up with all the options available to you.
2) review each option to see what he pros and cons are.
3) play the devil’s advocate, what could go wrong with each option?
4) are your options viable for the long term? Would you regret taking one option over the other? Why? Can you live with it?
5) given your analysis which choice would make you happier in the long term? This is important because you don’t want to be blaming anyone for a choice YOU made. Don’t base your decision on anyone else – just on YOU. What makes you happy and satisfied?