Your Husband Does Not Notice Your Shoes

We always think that other people see things and notice the same things as we do – today, another scenario where I was proven wrong. 

I am looking into some designs for high heels shoes for one of my businesses and I wanted to get some feedback from men. I posed this question to my host and business consultant in Korea: “Does your wife ever complain about pain in her high heels shoes? Does she always need to wear high heels to her meetings [for a professional/polished look]?” 

His response: “I don’t think she wear high heels? I think she wear these lower shoes.” (In girl talk this would mean kitten heels)

Let’s not go into the conversation of what brands his wife wears – I got blank stares throughout. 

The conclusion? Men don’t notice women’s shoes. They only kind of notice whether it’s high heels or flats. So when you go on that date and dress to the nines for the guy, they’ll maybe notice that you’re taller but that’s it.

Customer Market Research Tip? When you are doing research for your new product, don’t assume – always ask whether it matters to your target segment. Do they notice the difference? They have to notice it to value it in order to PAY for it.