You Weren’t Made to Fit a Mold

You weren’t made to fit a mold, and that’s okay.

Growing up we would play puzzle games where we earn points for finding the perfect fit or for matching jewels to the same colour, and were taught to fit circular objects inside circular spaces, and squares inside square spaces. The idea is that everything should fit and conform.

We are in an age where individuals are thriving on finding their irregular edges, the sides of them that don’t conform, that don’t seem to fit the mold, and it’s actually exciting.

Take myself for instance. I am a business owner of a marketing agency, non-profit leader and advocate to create equal opportunities for females in the workplace, and fashion stylist.

You could be an Accountant or Risk Analyst or Programmer/Developer by day, and run a side business baking cakes, creating a ceramics line, or magazine columnist.

You don’t have to be artistic OR academic in this day and age – in fact, most of the new people I met are supremely multi-faceted and it’s fascinating. In 2017, you can be artistic AND academically inclined. For those who have read the book A Whole New Mind by Daniel H. Pink – I believe magic happens when you develop BOTH sides of your brain, the ability to see the abstract and to think in logistical, rational terms lets you strategize AND implement. Be a thinker AND a doer.

So if you are a Financial Analyst and have always wanted to become a freelance Graphics Designer, there is nothing stopping you from doing so. In fact, you will probably find that developing this new dimension of you helps you achieve balance and progress.

So give it some thought today – what do you want to be?


What Comes Around Goes Around


Today I went for a morning hike with a few friends in Deep Cove in North Vancouver. After circling for 20 minutes, my mission to find a parking spot seemed pretty hopeless. I pulled into a 1 hour spot and went into a fresh juice store beside Honey’s Donuts. A Korean lady greeted me warmly behind the counter. I asked her whether they tow cars quickly here and motioned towards my car parked outside. She said it’s really rare and said if I am back within 2 hours it should be fine. I walked back to my car still worried about my car and debates whether to take the risk. I saw the Korean lady wave at me from behind the counter and I went back to the store. She offered her parking spot to me so I could spend more time hiking and not worry about my car.

The result? I spent 2 hours hiking and enjoying the sun and went back to get a fresh fruit smoothie from their store afterwards. She had offered her spot to me for free but the drink is just a token of my appreciation.

She did a good deed for me today and I am supremely grateful for people like her, who gave something requesting nothing in return. Something that’s free for them to give too but made both of is feel fantastic.

What have you done today for someone else?