What Are You Reading?

I am currently sitting in the Thai Airlines lounge reading various business, current affairs and fashion magazines.

I noticed (from my sample size of one) that what I read reflects a change in my career intent and direction since last year. A year ago I would have gladly picked up an entertainment and/or fashion magazine and wrapped myself in/with it for an hour. It may be the workaholic in me or, when thought of in a more positive light, a shift in issues I care about. Now the publications on the table in front of me are Hong Kong Business, TIME, Fortune, Bloomberg Businessweek and Harper’s Bazaar (there’s my balance!)

I want to read about ways to build a better business, ways to utilize my cash to make mine with money, and learn more about cultural affairs/need to identify the next place I want to visit.

It feels like I’m inevitably growing up and my reading choices are a clear indicator. As the year comes to an end (and I am on vacation for a few rare days during the year where I am not working on my laptop) it’s a time for reflections to see where you’ve been and set your mindset for where you want to go for the next year.

Believe it or not, I find this activity to be pretty relaxing 🙂

Happy Holidays!


Why I can’t sleep and why you shouldn’t sleep

This is why I can’t sleep tonight; I read this article on Facebook: http://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/butterfly-child-dreams-of-the-northern-lights

I commend the bravery of the butterfly child in living his every day. Even if he’s not so-called living it to the ‘fullest’ (between managing pain and painkiller-induced drowsiness it’s tough to do any living at all).

It makes me think why I am not making the most of my time when I am able to live it to the fullest. We should be grateful we are even given a chance to choose to live life to the fullest.

So this is why I can’t sleep, because it choose to spend more time being awake and doing things I love whether it be drawing, reading, whatever it is you wish to do… just enjoy being alive and healthy – that is already a privilege and a gift.

What’s the best that could happen?


We honestly don’t think about this enough. The tendency for most people is to think of the worse that can happen. Lately I’ve been attempting to change this tendency, by wiping negative thoughts from my head and thinking my way to success. Surprise! It’s been working. Try it for yourself and good things will happen!

Progress is a choice – YOU have the power to change things

Today in a meeting I was told it’s recommended that I take progress slow with a potential new charity I might get involved with and not try to change too many things at once.

For those who know how I do things, the exact words that went through my head were: “Challenge accepted!” – I’ve always liked to work with moving parts, change multiple things at once, because bigger changes meant you could go UP a lot, or DOWN a lot. Not only is this process fascinating to me, it’s also a thrill to oversee entire turnarounds in a business.

I was told that there were no more resources to be allocated, that first we needed a plan, many plans, before new things can be implemented…

Having built and operated a few startups both in the for-profit and non-profit sector, I’ve learned these things:

  1. When there’s no more resources, go find more (seriously, you’re not trying hard enough).
  2. A plan is a work in progress, and changes as soon as you’re done writing it – you might as well go out and DO stuff and make some progress that you can actually write about.

I also don’t stick to the way things “have always been done”. If I followed those rules then I would never have built a peer-to-peer forex platform, never pulled together a fashion show in an ambitious 1.5 months, or had the crazy thought of calling up Vogue to host Fashion’s Night Out in Vancouver.

If you don’t try, you don’t know. If you want to do things the way they have always been done, you’ll get mediocre results at best. It’s your choice.