A Life Lesson I Learned from Photography

I very recently decided to pick up photography both as a hobby and as a potential additional service for my marketing agency.

I’ve been running around taking photos of anything and everything, pestering my friends with various shots to ask for advice on how to take better photos and what lens I should invest in for a robust photography kit.

As I began to see snapshots of my life through the camera lens, I saw that different lens captured slightly different versions of the same thing, in different tones, contrasts, colour hues, etc.

I suddenly had a very cheesy, yet positive and uplifting thought.

Life is beautiful, it really just depends on what lens you choose to use.

The same event can mean happiness or worry for different people. We all know one person who is super positive regardless of what happens they manage to find something good about the situation; and the other, who always feels like the sky is falling (and not just falling, but very probable to land directly on top of them. Just them.)

So, sift through your thoughts today as you journey on through your day and notice how you are reacting to situations. Does an event really warrant you to be worried for the whole day? Do you really need to be stressed out about the job next week (it’s happening next week! Not in the next minute!)

You experience what you LET yourself experience, so change your perspective and don’t try to change the situation and you will see how easy it is to find happiness. 







Beware Overpromising

We have all heard it a millions times. Seriously.

One of the rules of marketing is to underpromise and overdeliver, and it is always amazing to me how some salespeople overpromise in order to close the deal or inflate the value of their “network”.

I have an acquaintance who would inflate details and overpromise what they can deliver in order to close deals or give the perception that they are more connected than they are.

For example, an angel investor in their words might become a venture capital investor. $10 million in capital might become $100 million with their framing.

This is setting yourself up for no repeat business, because you will always underdeliver, leaving customers disappointed and wanting to look elsewhere. It is people like these who give marketers and salespeople a bad name of overpromising.

If you are currently utilizing this practice, I urge you to rethink whether this will bring you sustainable wealth and revenue streams in the long-term; my speculation is that it will not.

It’s Your Attitude That’s The Problem


We have all encountered those people who are debbie-downers and to succeed in life we need to surround ourselves with positive energy. It’s important to do a self-check as well to see what type of energy you are bringing into your workplace and/or personal life. Needless to say, we all prefer working with positive, energetic people so wouldn’t you want to be one of them?

I recently encountered an individual that had the skills, but their attitude was negative when faced with (even) small issues throughout the project. My brain made the obvious conclusion that I should avoid working with this individual again as it dampens my own energy for the project. The problem wasn’t the problem, it was the person’s attitude towards the problem that’s the problem – and clearly they didn’t understand their attitude just cost them future contracts.

Do a reality check on your own attitude now before it hinders your work or personal progress!

What Are You Reading?

I am currently sitting in the Thai Airlines lounge reading various business, current affairs and fashion magazines.

I noticed (from my sample size of one) that what I read reflects a change in my career intent and direction since last year. A year ago I would have gladly picked up an entertainment and/or fashion magazine and wrapped myself in/with it for an hour. It may be the workaholic in me or, when thought of in a more positive light, a shift in issues I care about. Now the publications on the table in front of me are Hong Kong Business, TIME, Fortune, Bloomberg Businessweek and Harper’s Bazaar (there’s my balance!)

I want to read about ways to build a better business, ways to utilize my cash to make mine with money, and learn more about cultural affairs/need to identify the next place I want to visit.

It feels like I’m inevitably growing up and my reading choices are a clear indicator. As the year comes to an end (and I am on vacation for a few rare days during the year where I am not working on my laptop) it’s a time for reflections to see where you’ve been and set your mindset for where you want to go for the next year.

Believe it or not, I find this activity to be pretty relaxing 🙂

Happy Holidays!

Why I can’t sleep and why you shouldn’t sleep

This is why I can’t sleep tonight; I read this article on Facebook: http://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/butterfly-child-dreams-of-the-northern-lights

I commend the bravery of the butterfly child in living his every day. Even if he’s not so-called living it to the ‘fullest’ (between managing pain and painkiller-induced drowsiness it’s tough to do any living at all).

It makes me think why I am not making the most of my time when I am able to live it to the fullest. We should be grateful we are even given a chance to choose to live life to the fullest.

So this is why I can’t sleep, because it choose to spend more time being awake and doing things I love whether it be drawing, reading, whatever it is you wish to do… just enjoy being alive and healthy – that is already a privilege and a gift.

Are You Ready for Opportunity?

My mom always told me that I have to study hard and improve myself to prepare myself to catch an opportunity when it arrives. I look back at all the things I had never thought I would accomplish in my wildest dreams and realized a lot of it happened because I had prepared myself for it (less consciously than I would like to, but that is part of the growth and learning process [reassuring myself]).

So, I hereby encourage you to consciously prepare yourself for opportunity and success coming your way.