Get the Basics Right: Correct Your Bad Handwriting



Can you read that?

I spent the past day working through a list of handwritten emails for a client event and am appalled, blown-away, mind-blasted(?) by the really sh*tty handwriting a lot of people have. Excuse my language but why can’t people write with a pen/pencil anymore?

There were a good 20% of people that made me guess at their handwriting, so imagine them trying to write a memo at work on a sticky note. Sure, you can argue that a lot of things can just be printed on the computer now, but because nice handwriting is so rare nowadays (given our lack or practice being on our phones or gadgets all the time) that I get complimented for my neat handwriting every time I am at a meeting. Without fail. Every time. 

Do you think my clients would remember me as the girl with the neat handwriting? Probably not, but I guarantee you it’s a great plus to have. Clear writing correlates with clear thinking, and you can argue that people don’t believe in that…but what if you came across a client that did and your job depended on it? A good business person wouldn’t leave that to chance.

So get the basics right, pick up a pen, write a note, and see if your friend can read your writing.