Does Anyone Still Read Books?


I went to Chapters and bought a book off yesterday – oh the irony. Mobile shopping is officially taking over, even for an online shopping laggard like me. 

I bought 3 books in total and the only 1 I bought in store from Chapters was one that wasn’t available on the Kindle store (come’on Kindle!) Here are the 3 I picked up and are hoping will be good reads:

  1. Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder – Nassim Taleb (Kindle)
  2. Dollars and Sex: How Economics Influence Sex and Love – Marina Adshade (Kindle)
  3. What You Gonna Do With That Duck – Seth Godin (in-store)

With the proliferation of blog posts where readers consume our thoughts in short blurbs, it seems like rarely is anyone investing the time to read a full book. It’s a sad reality, since I have seen writing skills deteriorate with my students (I do some teaching at a university). 

So go out, pick up a book and start reading!


One thought on “Does Anyone Still Read Books?

  1. I actually read much less books than I used to, but the reading is compensated by reading blog posts, news articles, magazines, and interesting tidbits found through Twitter, Facebook, and LInkedIn. So while books are less prominent, everything else is more more more!

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