Yesterday You Said Tomorrow.


We have all done it. Procrastinate. Yesterday you said tomorrow. Tomorrow you will say the day after. Why do you procrastinate? Because you are afraid of failing? Or maybe even… afraid of succeeding?

Whatever it is, own it. If you don’t do it. Somebody else will.


It’s Your Attitude That’s The Problem


We have all encountered those people who are debbie-downers and to succeed in life we need to surround ourselves with positive energy. It’s important to do a self-check as well to see what type of energy you are bringing into your workplace and/or personal life. Needless to say, we all prefer working with positive, energetic people so wouldn’t you want to be one of them?

I recently encountered an individual that had the skills, but their attitude was negative when faced with (even) small issues throughout the project. My brain made the obvious conclusion that I should avoid working with this individual again as it dampens my own energy for the project. The problem wasn’t the problem, it was the person’s attitude towards the problem that’s the problem – and clearly they didn’t understand their attitude just cost them future contracts.

Do a reality check on your own attitude now before it hinders your work or personal progress!

The Art of Cold Calling

Is there an art to cold calling? I’ve done it once when I had to update a database for 27,000 customer for a summer internship years back; it taught me the skill of accepting rejection (in the form of profanity at times).

Now, luckily for me, most of the time I am on the receiving end of cold calls/emails/linkedin messages.

Key Points:

A cold email asking me if I have taken a look at their website and services is not going to make me want to take a look at their website and services.

A cold linkedin message masked as a “personal message” (because they changed the Hello [insert name] to my name) and a just checking if you need our services is not going to get a response from me.

Here’s the reason why: I feel you didn’t take the effort to get to know me. You’re randomly firing off emails and messages to strangers hoping one sticks. Maybe if you get lucky you get 1% to respond to you, but it means 99% of the other recipients share the same feeling I have – that you didn’t even take the time to research my company before approaching me.

Case(s) in Point:

  1. I received an email from a web design services firm saying they could build a website for my company (my agency offers website design, logo design, branding, marketing, event planning… services). This is similar to me emailing a social media consulting firm saying I can provide social media management services.
  2. I received a message asking if I need corporate cleaning services. A quick google search for that online business would show the registered address is a residential address. Do they want to come clean my home?

If they only looked beyond the lead they purchased to read the first sentence on our website, or visit the contact us page or registration page to do minimal verification they would figure out I’m not in their target segment. It’s tougher than ever to win business as the economy appears to slow with chain retailers closing left, right and center. Go the extra mile to let your prospective clients you care about what they do; or at the very least, let them know you know what they do.